I'm Davide Mazzuchin,
illustrator and designer from Italy

I've always drawn. During primary school, I've learned how to make illustrations following the note grid. It's been many years and a ton of illustrations since then but I'm still following the grid. I'm obsessed with geometry: each element of the composition has a clear function in relation to the others. It is a matter of finding the right balance and combination, just like playing with Lego blocks.

I'm very passionate about movies and everything related to cinema. I read comics since I was a kid, especially Marvel's ones and Peter Parker is, of course, my personal hero. Just like every metalhead, I'm a big fan of live concerts. Really into the asian culture from traditional culture to the gaming world, from cuisine to martial arts.

In 2017 with some fellas I founded an illustration and animation studio collective called Sail Ho Studio.

Adidas, ADweek, Enel, Expansion Magazine, Robb Report, Rubicon Project, Timberland, Whirlpool

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