Davide Mazzuchin | La testata di Z – Brand Identity
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La testata di Z – Brand Identity

A magazine born in Milan which tells the human and romantic side of football. We want to give a key role to the evocative power of illustrations. Zeta is the ideal type of football player. The desire to win, to fight until the end, to set new goals and overcome limits. Zeta is the first and the last player. The best and the one who ignore what an offside really is.
“Testata” meanings “headbutt” in Italian, and “magazine” too. “Z” instead alludes to the genuine passion for football and its romantic side. We want to tell stories about men beyond the athletes, and consequently our desire was to make a remarkable Logo, with a simple type and some reminders about football.
The logo was coinceived starting from the idea of a perfect match between a football pitch and a “z”, which represents the best and the worst football players, experts and newbies. This simple concept makes it cute and quite clean, easy to remember and perfect for printed magazine too.


Graphic Design, Identity